Your talent is the Universe's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to the Universe.

Enjoy whilst life come to you

My dad was an absolute entrepreneur. Starting up businesses and trading was his passion, and was loyal to it until the very end. Even during his last months, out of his hospital bed he was starting up a new business for someone. Countless times I have asked him, “Why dad? You don’t need it anymore..” He simply answered. “’cause it gives me energy while it’s fun to do. And why not help other people to fulfill their dreams?” And every single time he left me stunned by his energy and smile on his face, even when the end was inevitable

Today people often ask me the same question “Why Richard?” And I’ll respond them the same way my dad did, “’cause it gives me energy while it’s fun to do.” Yet unless my dad I don’t just want help people to fulfill their dreams, I’d love to help LIVE their dreams!

When I see people passionately doing what they do and ask them if they consider to translate that passion into a life of freedom (financially, time or otherwise) I often hear “I want to, but I can’t because….” or “yes, but…” or “yes, if…” or “yes, once…” It is my personal mission to help women and men out of their uncomfortable situation in which they find themselves for one single purpose: more free time, more creativity, -fun, -sense, -money, -love with the maximum use of their given potential and opportunities.

I am Richard, Dutch, born in 1967 and during my career as an entrepreneur I established several companies around the globe, or held key business decision making positions. In my spare time I am a moderate, though passionate ultra runner and love to be running or hiking with a backpack exploring the beautiful outdoor.

richard running zugspitze

Years ago, when I went through a rough financial, physical and emotional valley of my life, trying to figure out how to get back up my feet again, I came across the TAO saying “Change your thoughts and your life changes”. Immediately I was intrigued by this saying.“Could it be this easy?” I remember thinking. Today, more 20 years later, with more knowledge, extended experience and numerous studies further, out of experience I can honestly say “yes, it is!” It is thát easy.

Over the years I’ve had the honor and pleasure to learn people how to make use of their own core assessment, a new way of thinking and natural opportunity tuning to unleash their life of which they thought they could never have.

On my blog page in the nearest future I will regularly write, give tips, life-hacks and examples on how instead “to sacrifice and make a life, to go out and enjoy whilst life come to you”

Be there and follow me.